The company

The EU aims at having an economy with zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The transition to a climate-neutral economy provides the conditions for a better future. The EU’s vision is to keep global temperature increase to well below 2°C and even pursue efforts to keep it to 1.5°C. All sectors of the economy will play a leading role: energy, industry, transport and the tertiary sector.

The EU did not only describe the directions of the European GREEN DEAL but also presented in May 2020 the “Green Recovery Plan” for the European Economy. The “Green Recovery Plan” secures the resources for development of the economy and as a result allows for the achievement of the aforementioned targets for 2050. It is now clear that all the basic directions for decarbonisation (energy saving, renewable energy sources (RES), etc.) lead to economic growth.

Greece has promptly responded to EU directions by presenting an integrated and documented economic and technical energy plan for 2030, the National Plan for Energy and Climate (ESEK 11/2019). ESEK foresees for 2030 ambitious targets regarding: C02 emissions (a 55% reduction compared to 2005), energy efficiency (38% improvement compared to the 2030 target as estimated in 2007) and RES (at least 35% share in gross final energy consumption). These targets will set the grounds for the effectiveness of the 2050 main targets.

HELESCO SA, being a company which provides energy services, has been operating and will continue to operate in accordance with European and national energy policy, providing reliable services and actively contributing to the achievement of national goals.

George Kamaras
President & CEO