As much as needed.
Wherever needed.

Helesco aspires to support our country’s national effort to meet its energy and environmental targets, through the implementation of its projects.

By following new practices and a modern methodology, we can offer services with qualitative results for our customers:
Εnergy Audit , Planning & Design , Application / implementation , Monitoring
A collective effort for action has begun. Never before have governments and international organizations dealt to such an extent with climate changes and environmental policies...
Until today, energy saving has not been a priority in Greece. Therefore, the range of potential activities is wide and the energy saving potential extremely high...
In a building
On the building fabric, in electromechanical installations, in energy management
In an industry
In manufacturing processes, in energy management
A new vocabulary

All forms of commercially available energy. This includes: electricity, natural gas, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, any fuel used for heating and cooling as well as for district heating and cooling, coal, lignite, peat, transport fuels (excluding aviation and marine fuels), RES – Renewable energy sources.