"…The use of third-party financing arrangements is an innovative practice that should be encouraged. Through these arrangements, the beneficiary avoids investment costs by using part of the financial value of energy savings that result from the third party's investment to repay the third party's investment and interest costs..."

Directive 2006/32/EC on energy end-use efficiency and energy services.

Helesco aspires to support our country’s national effort to meet its energy and environmental targets, through the implementation of its projects
A new practice

By following new practices and a modern methodology, we can offer services with qualitative results for our customers.

In an Energy Performance Contract (EPC), the reduction in energy consumption that is a direct outcome of the implementation of the energy efficiency measures proposed and designed by HELESCO S.A, is guaranteed. The payment of HELESCO’s fee by the customer is completely dependent on the successful outcome of the guaranteed reduction in energy consumption.

Due to the current economic situation and the need to reduce operational costs, EPC’s are an ideal technical and economical solution for the industrial and tertiary sectors.

It must be noted that the energy efficiency measures that are proposed for implementation are tailored both technically and financially to the needs and capabilities of your business.




A new vocabulary
Energy perfromance contract

A contractual agreement between the beneficiary and the provider (usually an ESCO) for the implementation of an energy efficiency measure, according to which payments for the investments are made in relation to the contractually agreed level of energy efficiency attained.

Energy. As much as needed. Wherever needed.