"…Improved energy end-use efficiency can be achieved through the increase of energy services availability and demand…”

Directive 2006/32/EC on energy end-use efficiency and energy services.
Helesco aspires to support our country’s national effort to meet its energy and environmental targets, through the implementation of its projects
A new philosophy

The future of our planet but also the future of your organization or enterprise depends on efficient energy management. The solution is simple. To begin with, we must change our perspectives in order for our prospects to change. And this is the only really difficult task.

Helesco, the first Energy Service Company in Greece, was established in order to meet the urgent need for action regarding energy issues, as these issues have an immediate impact on  the environment and the economy.

Energy sources are not inexhaustible. This is clear if we take a look at the changes that have been taking place during the past years in the management of these energy sources. The increase in the consumption of produced goods and modern living conditions have led to a significant increase in per capita energy consumption. This is true for a wide range of activities, from our everyday domestic activities to the most complicated industrial processes.

The basic ideology of ESCO’s is that we can meet our operational requirements with a lower energy consumption, with the resulting environmental benefits and reduction in operational costs.

Towards this objective, we have designed services aiming at helping businesses to achieve the optimum energy efficiency level through energy saving, the use of alternative energy sources and a better exploitation of human and financial resources. 

At helesco, we believe that there is still sufficient time for us to reverse the current unfavourable circumstances. Therefore, through our projects and consultancy services we support our country’s efforts to achieve its energy and environmental goals for the year 2020.

A new vocabulary
Energy audit

A systematic procedure, through which adequate knowledge is obtained regarding the existing energy consumption of a building or group of buildings, of an industrial activity and/or installation and of private or public services. This procedure identifies and determines any cost-effective energy saving possibilities and after its completion a report on the results is delivered.

Energy. As much as needed. Wherever needed.