To achieve the objective of the current Law:

a) National energy savings targets are set, the necessary institutional and legal framework is established and the corresponding financial means to achieve these objectives are provided. Furthermore,  the necessary mechanisms for the removal of the barriers and imperfections that impede the efficient end use of energy  are provided
b) the necessary conditions for  the growth and promotion of  energy services and
other measures to improve energy efficiency to the final consumer are created.
The range of energy applications is wide and the energy saving potential is high
A new type of energy

In Greece, energy efficiency was not, until today, a key priority. Therefore, there is an extremely wide range of sectors available for the implementation of energy efficiency measures and the energy saving potential is extremely large. It is more than evident that there is huge room for improvement but also an imperative need for action in both the public and private sector. Furthermore, the reduction of the operational costs and the improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises has become a main priority for the country's development.

The energy companies, industry, the tertiary sector (public and private) are important sectors to which our services are applicable. To be specific, the tourism, health and commerce sectors have a huge potential for the implementation of energy management and energy efficiency measures due to their development and growth. The public sector is also a priority target sector due to its size and it potential for energy efficiency measures but also due to the compelling need to improve its energy performance in accordance with the relevant EU Directives.

Our services can also be extended to the residential sector mainly in residential complexes with a legal representative, such as the municipality or an independent, private company.
Our range of activities can also extend to the transport sector, for example for fleets of vehicles. In these cases, it could be possible to substitute the fuel being used by these vehicles with another type of fuel or alternatively to implement energy management techniques for the selection of the best routes and maintenance schedules.

Finally, the Renewable Energy sector also provides us with a significant potential for the provision of energy services provided that the necessary licenses and permits are available and the investment is deemed profitable.

A new vocabulary
Energy performance mechanisms

General instruments used by governments or government bodies to create a support framework to provide incentives for market actors in order for the latter to provide and purchase energy services and other energy efficiency measures.

Energy performance programmes

Activities focusing on groups of final consumers and, in normal circumstances, leading to a verifiable (by measurement or estimate) improvement in energy performance.

Energy. As much as needed. Wherever needed.