Energy Audit

Directive 2012/27 / EC has been harmonized into the national institutional framework by Law 4342/2015 (FEK 143A 09.11.2015) which lays down the obligation for firms that are not SMEs to carry out energy audits by 9th November 2016 and then undergo a further inspection in no more than four (4) years from the date of the previous energy audit.

Helesco, implement energy audit requirements / specifications set out in Law 4342/2015 and EN 16247 on energy audits.

Helesco is a member of the Energy Efficiency Network Europe (EENE). The EENE is designed to operate as a single European partnership of leading energy efficiency firms and experts. Our consolidated resources and harmonised approach enable each network partner to offer a wide range of energy efficiency audit and management services at a pan-European scale.

More specifically, the Energy Efficiency Network Europe provides:

  • Mandatory energy audit compliance support.
  • Energy efficiency audits in each EU member state.
  • Pan-European audit project coordination.
  • Training of energy auditors.
  • Implementation of energy management systems (ISO 50001).
  • Support in voluntary public private programmes.
  • Energy performance contracting services.
  • Third party financing.
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