"And all of a sudden, our attention turns to the environment. Better late than never, we are finally beginning to realize the disastrous consequences of our behaviour towards the planet..."  
A new point of view

We are currently in a period of significant mishaps and reversals. The situation has changed in a very short period of time and our country is currently facing serious economic and social problems. Unfortunately, during the development phase of our country we failed to create the necessary infrastructures that would enable us to tackle our current problems and possibly alleviate the painful measures required to put us back on track. Within the context of the economic crisis, with a prolonged recession, rising unemployment and a reduction of the manufacturing capacity of the country, there is no alternative other than to change our behavior and to redefine our goals, if we want to return to a development phase of our economy.

Energy affects every aspect of our lives. In the past decades, the increasing economic growth and improvement in living standards led to an increase in energy demand, but not a rational use of it.

Today, the rate of increase of energy demand is a thing of the past and is decreasing significantly in all energy consumption sectors. This is the first time that we could commit ourselves to achieving the reduction targets of energy consumption for the year 2020. Unfortunately, this is not due to the widespread promotion and implementation of energy efficiency measures, but due to the reduction of living standards and the decline of the industrial and tertiary sectors.

The only way forward is to initially maintain the current living standards and to progressively increase them in a rational way. Energy efficiency is a key factor in this effort, because through its implementation, operational costs for the consumption of energy can be reduced without decreasing living standards. Energy efficiency becomes all the more attractive when you consider that the cost of energy is increasing continuously.
Due to the current economic situation, a key requirement for the successful implementation of energy efficiency measures is to devise a justified action plan for the progressive promotion of energy efficiency through the provision of low-cost energy services and the implementation of zero or low-cost energy efficiency measures.

A key tool for the promotion of this new policy are Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) who strive for the implementation of energy efficiency measures throughout the whole range of the energy market (i.e. generation, transport and end use of energy).

We, HELESCO, the first comprehensive Energy Service Company in Greece, have adjusted our services to help more and more Greek businesses understand the benefits of energy efficiency but also to contribute to the overall growth of the energy sector, thereby helping the country to achieve the energy and environmental targets arising from international commitments.

George Kamaras
Chief Executive Officer

A new vocabulary

All forms of commercially available energy. This includes: electricity, natural gas, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, any fuel used for heating and cooling as well as for district heating and cooling, coal, lignite, peat, transport fuels (excluding aviation and marine fuels), RES – Renewable energy sources.

Energy Service Company (ESCO)

A natural person or legal entity that provides energy services and/or other energy efficiency measures to the facilities or premises of a user and, in this context, accepts a certain financial risk. The payment for the services provided is based (wholly or partly) on the achievement of energy efficiency and other agreed performance criteria.

Energy. As much as needed. Wherever needed.