«Minimum energy performance (kWh/m2) requirements will be set for new and renovated buildings.»
We design services aimed at optimizing the energy performance of organizations through energy saving and the proper exploitation of human and financial resources.
On the building fabric
  • Insulation (thermal insulation of external walls, roofs, thermal bridges, air-tight sealing of joints and frames, etc.).
  • Replacement of existing openings (frames, glass panels) with new ones with improved thermal and visual properties.
  • Application of external and internal shading devices (tents, shutters, vertical or horizontal, mobile or fixed shades, coloured and reflective films, curtains, blinds, etc.).
A new vocabulary
Energy performance improvement

Improvement in energy end-use performance resulting from technological, behavioural and/or economic changes.

Energy performance measures

All actions that normally lead to a verifiable or measurable energy efficiency improvement.

Energy. As much as needed. Wherever needed.